CapAnalyzer 88A - Check any electrolytic capacitor in circuit with 100% accuracy in 3 seconds!

Solving problems caused by electrolytics has never been easier, now that you can locate these bad capacitors easily without having to unsolder them, and without spending time troubleshooting, by using the CapAnalyzer 88A Series II.

Measuring a cap in circuit is more difficult than measuring a resistor, because circuit resistance and capacitance can affect readings. Some "capacitor checkers" claim to work in circuit, but they give such erroneous readings you have to unsolder and re-measure each cap out of circuit anyway. Some of the most expensive LCR meters will not measure capacitors accurately in circuit. Some meters measure the capacitance at two different frequencies, and show it as two different readings!

The trick to locating bad capacitors in circuit is not just to measure capacity, but instead, to measure Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) and DC Resistance (DCR) in relation to capacitance. A perfect capacitor will measure as an open circuit at DC, and will show less AC resistance as the frequency across it increases. Most cheap cap meters utilize this fact by measuring a cap's impedance at a fixed frequency such as 1 KHz and translating the reading to capacity. In reality, checking a cap at 1KHz is pointless because in TVs, computer monitors, and PWM power supplies, frequencies of 100 KHz and higher are used. The CapAnalyzer 88 was the first device that would measure both DCR and ESR automatically.

CapAnalyzer 88A includes a low-capacitance one-handed tweezer test probe for accuracy and ease-of-use. Because it is dual-microprocessor controlled, it has more features and is much more accurate than other cap testers. A three-color chart on the front panel shows typical ESR readings of good and bad caps in relation to their capacitance. Portability and battery operation make it ideal for repairs on site, eliminating a double service call and valuable technical travel time. An AC adapter is availiable for continuous use on your bench.